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YILPAR A.Ş. which was established in 1959 and which is the only organization within YILANCIOGLU GROUP conducting its works within packaging field, has set its place in the market via production of price, code and computer labels by achieving it for the first time within self-adhesive label industry in Turkey.

Today, it has increased its annual paper processing capacity to 10.000.000 m2 within labeling industry and it has extended its product portfolio in such a way enough to supply every kind of labels primarily promotions and automations.

YILPAR A.Ş. which has included technological innovations in its own body by using its own equities has recently made its investments within the sector of flexible packages. Under scope of such investments and as a result of its investments, multi-layer flexible packages, standing bags, bottle fitting labels are added to YILPAR A.Ş. ‘s portfolio.

Our Company which conducts its production activities in modern facilities, the construction of which were completed in the year 2004, in İZMİR has got the biggest modern machineries in Turkey with its 17 manufacturing machines.

Targeting to be an all-time trusted and desired brand by combining its 1950 rooted experience with the technology of the 21st century, YILPAR A.Ş., by means of new breakthroughs, accepts it as a duty to improve with firm steps without sacrificing its targets for being a leader in the market.


Kazım Dirik Neighborhood 297/2 Street No:5 Bornova / İZMİR

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YILPAR A.Ş which always aims to form a trusted, admirable brand by combining its experience coming from 1950’s with the technology of 21st century takes it as its duty to advance with sound steps to future without appeasement from its leadership aims with new spurts.