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Doypack Bags

(Doypack) system which is known as fitting package gets good reactions from the customers by raising the attractiveness of the produced product on the shelf.

Standing bags which are in every sphere of life, offer capped closing solutions suitable for liquid and fluid products.

Capped doypacks which are advantageous in many aspects in comparison with glass and plastic bottle avail for its ease of shipping and provide other benefits because of being elastic package.

Glass and plastic bottles occupy a place even when they are empty and cost during the shipping and cause crashes. Likewise, it occupies a place for hiding. Bags however are foldable when they are empty and do not occupy a place.

Elastic packages with combination of material and printing techniques offer opportunities which glass and plastic bags cannot offer.

It can be filled as semi-automatic or full-automatic.

Structure of the product is OPP/CPP, PET/LDPE, PET/ALU/LDPE and printing technique differ as Flexo or rotogravure according to demand of customers.

YILPAR A.Ş, makes production of Doypack packages by having the following opportunities;

• Bendy with or without zip or closed by three sides with or without printed bags.
• Shaped cut opportunity
• Bags with laser cut
• Drink with tap and food packages.

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YILPAR A.Ş which always aims to form a trusted, admirable brand by combining its experience coming from 1950’s with the technology of 21st century takes it as its duty to advance with sound steps to future without appeasement from its leadership aims with new spurts.