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IML & Body Sleeve

Label nowadays is the public opinion of a brand. A good label should express itself very quickly. It is only possible with a customer trigger, permanent and impressive label. In IML & Body Sleeve products, tearing of package, scoring and leakage are not possible. It does not affect by water and oil.

Shrink Sleeve Packages that we produce solve the problem of label and security tape of many products such as; 19 lt of water demijohn, jar of jam honey, pekmez and sesame oil, package of chemical products, shampoo and cleaning products and many other products. Shrink Sleeve Package adapts to every surface with a 360 degrees view. It becomes very attractive, brilliant and elegant package by taking the shape of container that it is located.

• Printing on Pvc or Pet Shrink materials
• Rotogravure or Flexo
• Safety closure

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YILPAR A.Ş which always aims to form a trusted, admirable brand by combining its experience coming from 1950’s with the technology of 21st century takes it as its duty to advance with sound steps to future without appeasement from its leadership aims with new spurts.