Yılpar Slogan


YILPAR A.Ş. which was established in 1959 and which is the only organization within YILANCIOGLU GROUP conducting its works within packaging field, has set its place in the market via production of price, code and computer labels by achieving it for the first time within self-adhesive label industry in Turkey.


Nowadays the label is the image of the brand. A good label must be able to express itself in a very short time. And this is possible only via a label which has the power to set the consumer into action with a long-lasting effect.


Yilpar Ambalaj is one of the most significant dynamic building blocks within the sector of packaging. Yilpar Ambalaj, which bases its policy on protecting the products that you have manufactured and extend the efficiency to maximum, sales with many companies each of which has got the leading position in their sectors.

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Everyone Deserves High Quality!

Yılpar Ambalaj, offers protective services against every kind of external factors in accordance with your demands and requests. You can check our products which are specially designed in order to increase the quality, freshness and availability of your products.

Everyday, One More Step!

Yılpar Ambalaj each day conducts its works in order to extend its successful domestic and overseas commercial activities by cooperating with 150 different Companies in 25 countries on 4 different continents.


Kazım Dirik Neighborhood 297/2 Street No:5 Bornova / İZMİR

+90 232 435 67 50 (pbx)

+90 232 486 78 43 (pbx)



YILPAR A.Ş which always aims to form a trusted, admirable brand by combining its experience coming from 1950’s with the technology of 21st century takes it as its duty to advance with sound steps to future without appeasement from its leadership aims with new spurts.