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By prioritizing Total Quality Understanding and Customer Satisfaction and by not sacrificing any of its total quality philosophy through its dynamic marketing organizations, we, YILPAR A.Ş. are constantly improving the efficiency and profitability of our present products and services; and provide that our Customers receive possible highest amount of added value by means of their products and services by extending our product and service ranges by keeping up with technological improvements from a close distance.

“By preserving the Organizational Structure and the Company Culture”
We are covering the occupational satisfaction, happiness; educational needs of our employees in a complete way by assigning our qualified employees at possible highest positions.

"Our main priority is our Customers."
Our main priority is to manufacture goods for our customers, to be able to meet their expectations with quality and constancy. In accordance with this understanding of priority we stand by our products and we support our customers even after sales.

“Our irreplaceable target is to be “the best” constantly”
We work hard in order to be the best about quality, service, our relations with the dealers, product and service options; and we work hard to protect this hardly earned reputation. We aim to be the leading company within our field of activity by learning and getting strength from the past, by basing our approach on intellect and science while protecting the moral values on the other side.

“Our aim is to create resources for constant improvement”
In order to implement the required investments to provide the constancy of the services; or to support the society both in economic and social aspects; we keep it as our priority to make use of our resources in a wise way and to never allow extravagance.

“The base of our business relations”
Trust, good-intention, being understanding; instead of seeing them as luxury, we accept being reliable in all of our relations, righteousness, to be good-intended and being understanding as irreplaceable musts which form the main building blocks of business life.

Our most-important duty is to contribute to the society. While realizing all such objectives, we aim to fulfil our responsibilities against the generations of future in all economic, social and environmental areas; and to contribute to our society in which we exist in many ways.


Kazım Dirik Neighborhood 297/2 Street No:5 Bornova / İZMİR

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YILPAR A.Ş which always aims to form a trusted, admirable brand by combining its experience coming from 1950’s with the technology of 21st century takes it as its duty to advance with sound steps to future without appeasement from its leadership aims with new spurts.